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Carolina Dog video

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Carolina Dog / Dog Breed

The Carolina Dog is a primitive dog from America. It is thought to be an immediate forefather of the Native American Dogs that escorted the first human explorers ...

Carolina Dog pups


17 Facts You Should Know About Carolina Dog


10 Facts You didn’t Know About the Carolina Dog ( American Dingo)

Many people don't know about the Carolina breed, and there actually is a good reason for it. As you go through this list of 10 fun facts, remember that there are ...

Jazz the American Dingo!—Carolina Dog—Rare Breed


Carolina Dog rare breed - nicknamed the American Dingo


Carolina Dog's Prey Drive

My Carolina Dogs have found the home of some small critter, probably a chipmunk or squirrel. There were acorns that fell out first thing. It is the inside of a large ...

Ginger the Carolina Dog talking


American Dingo Carolina Dog in Michigan

Santa brought us this puppy several years ago. We now belive she is an American Dingo/Carolina Dog. We have no records of her or where she came from.

Carolina Dog Madness

Here are 3 Caroline Dogs looking for there forever home. To Adopt contact www.savingcarolinadogs.com For your dog training needs Contact ...

The Carolina Dog - energetic and active

If you were to see a Carolina Dog in person, you might easily mistake it for a wild dingo (it's often referred to as the “American Dingo” or “Yellow Dog”). In fact ...

California Carolina Dog - The American Dingo

A brief history of North America's native dog.

Australian Dingo Vs American Dingo

Australian Dingo Vs American Dingo (Wild dog comparison)

Dogs 101 - Canaan Dog

For more, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/dogs-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 | The Canaan is a dog cool enough to be JFK Jr.'s best friend!

Carolina dog playing with a kitten

Carolina dog playing with a cat.

Carolina Dogs (American Dingoes) Jumping Off 18 ft Rock Wall

Video by Tom Jensen via http://www.californiacarolinadogs.com Carolina dogs (American Dingoes) jumping off 18ft rock wall at the park. One of the reasons ...

Carolina Dog REC Room! - enjoy the show!

California Carolina Dogs lounging around the house and engaging in fun activities... Filmed on location in Vallejo, California. Edited by Susan B. Anthony and ...

Carolina Dog - Madison

goofy ballplayer lol.

American Carolina and Indian Pariah, The ancient dog breeds

American Carolina and Indian Pariah, The ancient dog breeds.

Australian Dingo and 5 other dogs like Dingos

Australian Dingo and 5 other dogs like Dingos.

Carolina Dog - Jaxson 11.5yrs old

Still acting like a young fellow!

Carolina Dog (Avery) Running in the Fields

Avery is having a great time running in the fields.

A Carolina Dog and his girl


Carolina dogs are vocal at play


Carolina Dog Howling

Carolina Dog howling and making monkey noises. Very dosile and protective and smart and definitely co-dependent. This one is 9 and has had top of the line ...

Carolina Dogs on the Loose at Point Isabel


cooter the Carolina Dog eating raw deer

This is his daily meal, not a whole deer! He wishes! Description of his daily meal at the end.

INTERESTING Carolina Dog Breed Facts And Information

INTERESTING Carolina Dog Breed Facts And Information !! \

Living with a NAID and a Carolina Dog

Taro (NAID) Nadia (CD)

Carolina Dog Wrestling Technique

Dixie and Apollo put on their own version of Wrestle-Mania just about every morning down here at Waldensouth! It's usually combined with some lure-course ...

My Carolina Dog Stella!

http://www.innersasa.blogspot.com My Carolina Dog Stella luna is waiting patiently in the car! She is so cute!

Carolina Dog : The Song

Lyrics: Carolina dog on Copperhead Road born in the south where the swamps still grow Carolina dog she was sweet as pine howled at the sun when her ...

Carolina Dog gives loving welcome!


Dog Overjoyed as He's Rescued From Porch During North Carolina Flooding

This is the moment an abandoned dog was rescued during extreme flooding brought on by Hurricane Florence. PETA says their rescue team spotted the pup ...

Dexter the Tree Dog - American Dingo / Carolina Dog

My funny dog Dexter likes to chase squirrels. A lot. He'll even try to go up the tree to get one. It's not everyday you see a dog climb a tree.

6 week old Carolina Dog Puppies Playing - Rainbow Litter

2013 Rainbow Litter (Cooter/Daisy) playing in the yard.

Roxy - Carolina Dog


American Dingoes Keeka and Rocco Carolina Dogs Happy Friday


Carolina dog tries to get cat to play

Zhaan the American Dingo destroys a stuffie while trying to get the cat to join in.

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